Nicefoto LR-318C Portable Light Lamp, White

Key Features:

1. It is a 12 inch LED light.

2. There are 128 light bulbs. resulting in high power and soft light with Flicker Free system

3. It has a brightness of 1200 LM and can adjust the brightness of 10 levels, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

4. Connect the power supply with the USB cable that comes with the power, can be connected to the adapter that supports 5V-2A easily.

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Product Description

Nicefoto LR-318C Portable Light Lamp, White

  • 12 inch ring light, portable, easy to use.
  • Built-in stand Adjustable height to suit the use as needed from 56-160 centimeters, consisting of 128 lights, giving 1200 lumens of power, adding light to fit the use, spreading the light 120 degrees, adjusting the light flexibly.
  •  From orange to white (3200K/5600K/6500K±200K), light control, 10 levels of brightness adjustment and flicker free feature, direct power via USB port with 5V-2A compatible adapter and handle.
  • Mobile phone that comes with the structure of the LR-318C LED light, can use 3 mobile phones at once.


  • Detailed Parameter & Configuration List
  • Model: LR-318C
  • Number of lamp beads: 128
  • Color rendering index: ≥95
  • TV lighting consistency index: ≥95
  • Color temperature: 3200K/5000K/6500K20K
  • Power regulation: 10 levels
  • Adjust luminous flux: 1200LM
  • Light angle: 120°
  • Power supply: DC5V-2A
  • Height of lamp body: 56-160cm
  • Packing volume/weight: 32×8×32cm /2.2kg